BEAUFORT WEST is a semi-arid rural town, which is, situated approximately halfway between Cape Town and Johannesburg, on the main road and rail link between these cities. It serves as an oasis for the transportation industry.

The town is famous for 4(four) reasons;
  1. It established the first municipality in South Africa:
  2. Best known for sheep and wool farming:
  3. Birthplace of the famous heart transplant pioneer brothers, Drs Christiaan and Marius Barnard:
  4. Uranium deposits were recently discoverd which are to be mined:

The infamous SABC investigative television documentry on Child Prostitution in the town(SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT), highligts the high incidence of sexual exploitation of girls, as young as thirteen (13) years, by truckers who frequent the stop-over opportunity for their infidelity.
Early school leavers in this poverty stricken community fall victim to, teenage pregnancy, child prostitution, drug-abuse, alcohol abuse and juvenile delinquency.Experienced social predators prey on their puberty and adolescent vulnerability.

We, THE BEAUFORT WEST STUDY TRUST, believe that such corrupted juveniles become trendsetters, unless the anti-social patterns are mitigated by concerted efforts to level the playing fields for those who merit educational bursaries.

Our ability to solicit funding for indigent yet competent matriculants is central to our capacity and own contribution towards saving our youth from destruction...